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Our classrooms are set up to provide areas that incorporate several objectives of encouraging children to learn and explore a wide variety of interests.

Block Center:
  • Imitates actions
  • Builds a standing tower using one-inch cubes
  • Eye/hand coordination, small muscle ability

Dramatic Area:

  • Develops friendships with peers
  • Develops positive self-image
  • Represents real places, people, and things through dramatic play with peers

Manipulative Toys:

  • Ensure attention to hand-eye coordination and fine motor development
  • Fits things together and takes them apart
  • Classification and sorting, sequencing, matching, and number concepts

Arts and Crafts:

  • Learns to use a variety of art materials
  • Senses and experiences colors, shapes, textures, and weight
  • Uses art materials to express feelings
Library Center:
  • Learns that books are for enjoyment
  • Learns to make predictions
  • Begins to read independently

Science Area:

  • Exploring and identifying characteristics of objects
  • Noticing cause and effect
  • Asking questions, and making predictions and observations

Sand and Water Center:

  • Pours from one container to another
  • Increases fine motor skills
  • Combines, transforms, or measures materials

Outdoor Play Area:

  • Safe, secure, and fenced outdoor area

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